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Using masks, social distancing, and bring hand sanitisers has ended up being the new normal over the past year. Lots of nations worldwide have been trying their best to combat COVID. However, just some achieved success. Nonetheless, vaccines have become available now, which appears promising for the future.

-by Areeba Mahmood

Examining the threats of COVID

With vaccines came a lot of concerns. Is it fine to not use masks any longer or go to celebrations without maintaining a safe distance? The mRNA vaccines are highly effective against the coronavirus, however there is still a slim opportunity of capturing the illness with mild or no symptoms. With new strains of the infection being spotted, the efficacy may be decreased. While it may be fine to be in close contact with people who have been vaccinated, others might catch the virus and display extreme symptoms.

Can the ‘new typical’ ever return to the old one?

A lot of vaccines require 2 doses, and it takes some time to become fully immunised. Research tells that 5% of individuals do not generate a correct immune action, making them more vulnerable to the disease with serious symptoms. Therefore, even after being immunized, using a mask is essential, as it might not be damaging to you; it may be hazardous to your good friends or household.

Taking a trip has actually become fairly more available now. Nevertheless one should keep an eye on the circumstance of the pandemic in the nation they prepare to travel to as the vaccine you got may not be as effective versus the strains found because nation. You would still be required to use a mask on the plane, bus, or to maintain a safe range from others.


It is vital to look for signs or get tested after being in close contact with a sick individual. We are still not aware of a lot. Researchers are trying to find responses to every concern, however it is much better to be safe than sorry. The limitations can not be lowered till the vaccines are available to a broader community who can access and get the vaccine.

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