Intelligent Labs announces the launch of the UK’s strongest triglyceride omega-3 fish oil in the UK market


BRIGHTON, England, January 11, 2016 / PRNewswire / –

Intelligent Labs, a premium supplement company, today announced the launch of its Ultra Pure Omega 3 in the UK, after launching with great success in the US this summer. They believe their ultra-pure omega 3 will be the most powerful and effective omega 3 fish oil available in the UK.

Intelligent Labs CEO Andy Mobbs said: “We are very excited to launch in the UK as the UK market is currently filled with low quality synthetic fish oils. The oils available in most stores in the country are actually in an ethyl ester form that is artificially made is made in a laboratory and is very poorly absorbed by the body. They are also generally very low in the actual omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. “He continued,” Our omega 3 is made from natural triglycerides, which are the form of fatty acids in wild fish, which has much better absorption and potency. With all of the potential health benefits of omega 3 such as improving blood cholesterol, reversing inflammation, and DHA’s action on brain neurons, it’s great to give the public a qualitative To be able to offer high quality, strong, natural and effective fish oil that can really deliver. ”

Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 contains 1224 mg of EPA and 816 mg of DHA per serving, the highest of any natural triglyceride omega 3 available on the market. There is also an EPA: DHA ratio of 3: 2 used by scientists studying the Omega-3 benefits is preferred.

The natural formation of triglycerides is the key to the effectiveness of Ultra Pure. Studies have shown that natural triglycerides are 70 to 400% better absorbed than the man-made ethyl ester form, which forms virtually all of the other omega-3 fatty acids currently on sale in the UK. Studies have also shown that natural triglycerides are much more effective than ethyl esters once they are absorbed by the body.

The high DHA content is also an important indicator of the quality of the Omega 3 from Intelligent Labs. Mobbs added, “Many manufacturers have much higher concentrations of EPA, usually 4: 1 or 5: 1, since EPA is much cheaper to make than DHA, but it’s the strength of the DHA content of an omega-3 oil that really matters about its quality. “

Omega 3 isn’t just important for overall health, however. High profile athletes are just beginning to understand the importance of omega 3 intake to peak performance. “Omega 3 reduces inflammation. Therefore, adequate levels in our diet or with supplements greatly reduce recovery time,” said Mobbs. “In addition, omega 3 also plays an important role in the deformability of red blood cells.” This allows the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles to remain flexible as they push through tight gaps in the capillaries, so the muscles can get more oxygen when they get tired, at the point where they need it most need. “

The quality of the fish oil in Omega 3 from Intelligent Labs also means it won’t cause digestive problems or the fishy burps that are so common with lower quality Omega 3 products. Ultra Pure Intelligent Labs Omega 3 is currently available online at and the Intelligent Labs website.


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